First Byte Last Byte Data stored
7098 List of gift/event monsters by prebuilt ID
20000 Strings
286AE Length of wandering masters' monster sets
286EE List of wandering masters' monster sets by ID value of 1st prebuilt monster

Boss battles

2 bytes Number of enemies -1
2 bytes First enemy (ID value from the "prebuilt enemies" data)
2 bytes Second enemy (ID value from the "prebuilt enemies" data)
2 bytes Third enemy (ID value from the "prebuilt enemies" data)
29773 Random encounter data
2C03E library - pointers to text entries
2C422 library - text entries (strings)
3136A library - sizes
31562 library - rarities
3199f library - upper breeding partner
31C9F library - upper breeding partner (duplicate list)
31F9F library - lower breeding partner
3229F library - lower breeding partner (duplicate list)

Arena random rewards data

3387F arena - pointers/kiddie class
33885 arena - kiddie class teams
3389F arena - pointers/c class
338A5 arena - c class teams
338B7 arena - pointers/b class
338BD arena - b class teams
338CF arena - pointers/a class
338D5 arena - a class teams
338E7 arena - pointers/s class
338ED arena - s class teams
33905 arena - pointers/randomized lists
33911 arena - randomized lists
3a208 breeding data
530F0 censored names (strings)
58CC2 item data
1 byte

Effect type

0x0 healing

0x1 status change

0x2 attribute modifier

0x3 reduce wild

0x4 cast spell

0x5 teleport

0x6 unique/key item/equip

2 bytes Price
1 byte ?
1 byte


0x0 always

0x1 out of battle

0x2 in battle

0x3 never

1 byte ? (0x1 for meats and BeastTail)
1 byte


0x0 one ally

0x1 ?

0x2 one enemy

0x3 all enemies

0x4 one ally or enemy

0x5 all allies

0x6 ?

0x7 no target

1 byte

World map icon

0x0 none

0x1 ?

0x2 leaf

0x3 bottle

0x4 bell

0x5 seed

0x6 meat

0x7 staff

0x8 WarpWing

0x9 TinyMedal

1 byte ?
1 byte Effect byte 1
1 byte Effect byte 2
1 byte

Variable 1:

-Notably used as lower end of a range for healing/damage.

1 byte

Variable 2:

-Notably used as higher end of a range for healing/damage.

64641 cape resistances table
64E60 experience to next level tables (3 byte values, 99 entries per table)

skill data

1 byte MP cost
1 byte Element
7 bytes ?
2 bytes Player base damage
2 bytes Player random additional damage
2 bytes Enemy base damage
2 bytes Enemy Random additional damage
6900A skill requirements data
6A616 stat growth tables (1 byte entries, 99 entries per table)
6D1B6 censored names (strings)
72188 shop inventories
7C000 tiles - font
C138C Charge's effect on personality
C13AC Mixed's effect on personality
C13CC Defend's effect on personality
C13EC Command's effect on personality

prebuilt enemies data (part 1)

D4000 D7FFF core monster data
182969 key generation - prefixes
182a09 key generation - suffix chances
20273F dialogue - arena hints girl
22061C strings - list of prebuilt enemies by name
288056 prebuilt enemies data (part 2)

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